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Jim Hickey was the founder of Tall Crane Equipment Ltd over 30 years ago. The company supplies construction elevators to the high-rise industry for moving personnel and materials up and down the building during the construction phase.  Jim started with only a couple of these man-lifts, and throughout the years, has accumulated over a hundred units, making Tall Crane one of the largest suppliers of construction elevators in North America.


We are the James Hickey Industrial Training School; we specialize in the complete and thorough training for hoist operator certification in British Columbia, Canada. Our facilities include hands on training on our fully operational twin hoist tower, giving students real live training in order to better prepare them for the real thing. Being one of the forefront leaders in this industry, it became apparent that operators were not being consistently trained to an acceptable standard. Many operators lacked the knowledge and skills it takes to become a competent and safe hoist operator.


After years of inadequate operator training, we decided to open our own training facility. We have the equipment, the facilities, and most of all; we have the experience and knowledge. After consultation with the BCSA, we now offer a complete and thorough hoist operator certification course that we believe will effectively train and educate an operator properly. It all adds up to a complete understanding of an operator's rules and regulations, and SAFETY.

James Hickey

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